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Their relationship wasn’t to last and just 18 months later, she was in the middle of a very public, acrimonious divorce number two.

During this period, due to the stress of her marriage breakdown, she had lost an uncomfortable amount of weight and most were quick to sympathise with her as there was clearly something deeper happening. Wear a crop top and tell everyone to stop body shaming her.

Look at Eva Mendes, she’s a successful actress married to equally famous actor Ryan Gosling, but when she was expecting both of their children, we didn’t know until months after the fact.

Sandra Bullock quietly adopted her son Louis in 2010.

It’s very much Cheryl’s world and we’re all just living in it: take her pregnancy, for example.

At 34, she is a first-time mother, basking in the bubble of new motherhood that everyone should be able to enjoy.

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An easy-to-use interface, pages and pages and even more pages with photos of possible matches, and all the search options you need to find what you're looking for... When I found out my husband was cheating on me with my best girlfriend, I was devastated.

I started working out, bought new sexy clothes, grew my hair a little longer, and went looking for men by becoming a member of this website.

Now I'm getting the attention my husband refused to give me, and I'm meeting lots of handsome/funny/sexy guys. To be honest: I'm an OK guy, just no 'relationship material'.

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